Forbidden Love


Make up and hair / Shivani Jindal & Shreya Arora
Modelling / Aafreen Saundh & Ananya Rao
Styling & Conceptualisation / Shubhagata Mittal, Shivani Jindal, Shreya Arora & Aafreen Saundh

Who makes the rules?

Who decides your religion, your colour, your race, your gender, your SEXUALITY?

We are all born with a clean chamber in our hearts and minds to be ideally filled with acceptance, love and affection but Man- the way he chooses to be- interprets what he sees and experiences through life with bias, prejudice and pre conceived notions that are often borrowed from a society which thrives on stolen and snarled concepts that boost its ego, and soothes its insecurities when judgements are passed and people’s choices are condemned.

The world has been divided by walls and map lines- a country is considered a superpower when it possesses nuclear know-how. A man is knowledgable when he displays his wit by analysing the actions of others. Let us break this building that has been built without a foundation for it will crumble and fall as our egos cannot be mightier than love. And there will come a day when love will pay no heed to whispers of rebuke and retribution and will triumph! When… we will truly be be proud of all those who refuse to believe that normalcy lies in majority.

No LOVE will be forbidden!

Shift Roshini R