Last Rites


Poetry by/ Anindita Kargupta
Illustration by / John Edwards

John Edwards (6).JPG

I am in the battleground
Trying to fathom my reason for being here.
is it only the hunger for glory?
I thought, I was fighting for freedom of people like me.

It is true I love myself, but not a misanthrope!
It is you, who ask me to purify;
But you are the one, who, predestined my life?
Aren’t you the one who chose to sit near my head?

Have you seen yourself in your recently polished mirror?
While talking about rightfulness,
Aren’t you forgetting that lonely person, whom you left midway?
Your loved ones pawned themselves for a moment of glory;
You played your part well.
I know I will be disgraced,
for my audacity to stand up against the mighty;
Was it your cowardice or indifference?

At least, unruly human beings will follow my lifeless body
When I leave this battleground, dishevelled, disrobed,
Knowing I was one of them, who was not indifferent.

Anindita Kargupta is the COO of Etasha Education Society.

She has over 12 years of experience in the social sector as a facilitator, career counsellor for underprivileged Youth in Urban India. She has worked with the various sections in the society with ETASHA for placing youth in dignified jobs in various multinational companies.

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