Illustration by/ Abhijit Gohain

Neither this, nor that. A sense that fills your sense according to your mood. Unbound offers you a collection of images to reflect upon genderless emotions, and evoke a sense of belonging without the baggage. Seek out the images that resonate with you and surprise yourself with a raw, unconventional attraction to break the bonds.

A brave few have decided to be true to themselves against all odds. Kupu Zhimomi, a fashion student, breaks all that is considered sacred among dress codes. As he believes that a person’s outfit is an extension of their personality and individuality, he breaks the norms and presents a true perspective. Laced with courage and motivated by the truth, Unbound sheds light on the innermost expression of the self.

Rediscover yourself at your leisure and take away a shade or two to brighten up each day to come. Knowing that the only true joy is in being completely and unapologetically true to yourself, in any form, can be so liberating. Explore the faint borders and the play of light and colour to soften the tough contours and deepen the core.

Untie Roshini R