When I grew up I Chose


Poetry by/ Nandita Abraham
Illustration by / Ritu Jain


I am - woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister – a gender
I am not - man, husband, boyfriend, father, son, brother – a gender
I became – many other things I chose to be – sometimes a gender

When I grew up I chose
The best of each, the best of all, the best of none
Sometimes a goddess, Sometimes a rebel
Sometimes a parent, Sometimes a mom
Sometimes a girlfriend, Sometimes a partner
Sometimes a leader, Sometimes a provocateur
Sometimes an explorer, Sometimes an educator
At times a bit of many, or more than one for sure

When I grew up I chose
To laugh at the dividing lines, of gender and social norm
As I flowed ahead, I chose the banks of my river
Equality, courage, learning, adventure
At times a gender, At times none, Always me.

I write ‘When I grew up I Chose’
Yet perhaps, it was that Choosing that allowed me to Grow

Untie Roshini R